Coconut oil is often perceived as a magical substance by many due to its vast and versatile qualities. It offers an expansive scope of uses in cooking, beauty and, well, life in general. Nutrition expert, Gilberth Gobeta shares the same infatuation as everybody else – here’s his definitive guide to how you can champion coconut oil for yourself!

Use coconut oil for cooking

As a general consensus, it is advised to avoid heating “seed oils” to high temperatures due to its distribution of “toxic fats”. Coconut oil contains MCTs, which are “saturated” fats that are highly resistant to heat and light. This gives coconut oil a high smoking point which means it doesn’t distribute the same “toxic fats”. For this reason, coconut oil is by far the healthiest oil you can possibly think of using in the kitchen when it comes to stir-frying or low-temperature frying.
The incredibly subtle taste means it doesn’t diminish any of your favourite flavours in your dishes. Coconut oil is also a great addition to any budget meal plans – it’s cheap and just little of this magical substance really does stretch a long way!

Coconut oil is a fantastic body moisturiser or massage oil

The use of coconut oil extends to cosmetic needs too. Using a dash of coconut oil in the bath or shower leaves the skin feeling sleek, healthy and youthful. It is a “light” oil so it absorbs incredibly well when digested by the skin. You can even use coconut oil as an effective face cream. Try mixing melted coconut oil with some pure aloe gel – this combination gives the consistency a fantastic “whipped” effect which acts as a light face moisturiser.

For athletes

A spoonful of coconut oil is a perfect prep for an exercise routine or training session. The MCT content previously mentioned allows the oil to burn like a carbohydrate without the spike in glucose and insulin. This means it provides the consumer with instant energy and a boost in metabolism which makes it perfect for endurance events. Remember to keep hold of it to use in a post-workout massage at the end.

Use coconut oil for immune & digestion support

Coconut oil is a perfect remedy for infections and for those with low immunity. There are two medium chain fats in coconut oil – caprylic acid and lauric acid (or monolauric). Lauric acid is present in breast milk, coconut oil is the only other known food with a high concentration of the fat which highlights its use as a powerful immune stimulator. It also has many anti-microbial and anti-viral properties.
It is also effective for candida sufferers when used regularly within a diet. Its therapeutic qualities also stretch to assist those with gallbladder problems as well as fat digestion and absorption issues. This is down to the fact that it is more easily digested and absorbed quicker than any other fat.

Coconut oil is heart healthy

Unlike trans fats which are present in processed foods or animal fats, coconut oil is actually heart healthy and has no influence on heightened cholesterol. Other healthy plant-based fats include the fat found in olives and olive oil, avocado, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, pecans, macadamia nuts, walnuts, and almonds.

For teeth and gum health

Coconut oil can be used as a method of detoxification for oral health in a technique from Ayruvedic Medicine (an ancient Indian healing system).

Take a spoonful of coconut oil on an empty stomach but retain it in your mouth

Swish the coconut oil around the mouth being sure to pull it through your teeth

Keep up this process for a total of 15-20 minutes before spitting out and rinsing your mouth well with water

Oil is thought to harness the ability to withdraw toxins and debris from gums and the blood stream. This is called “Oil Pulling” which keeps gums in good health and teeth clean; it also encourages the release of phlegm and mucus which highlights its incredible detoxification abilities.

So as you can see, coconut oil is pretty spectacular! Why don’t you try?

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