Increase Your Stamina
Increase Your Stamina

Have you ever watched a marathon and been blown away by the level of stamina the runners possess? Although on the surface it seems that the level of fitness and stamina is unobtainable, you can actually mould your workout routines to focus and improve on your stamina. Exercising the required muscles themselves are important, but so is increasing your lung capacity, which can be achieved by exercising the muscles that surround your respiratory system and heart.

This has more than one benefit for your body. Improving your stamina will also teach you to retain more energy throughout the day and think clearer! Find out how to increase stamina below.

Gradually increasing your duration and volume of exercise

In order to build your stamina, it is important to build the duration and intensity of your workout. When done gradually, this will allow your body to adapt to increasing demand without causing any strain or injury. An easy way to begin increasing your duration is to boost the duration of your run up 10% at a time. For example, if your run is usually ten minutes, increase it to 11 the next day, and 12 the day after that and so on, which allows you to track your progress with ease rather than going full throttle straight away!  Do not forget to eat well ilke having a balanced diet. engage yourself on natural foods this will help you to strengthen your immunity too. here are the benefits of eating natural foods

Interval Training

“Hard but worth it!” That’s usually the reaction you will receive when asking people about interval training. With its awesome benefits, interval training is a great way to exercise but you have to be committed! As it consists of short bursts of activity at a high intensity followed by bouts of rest, this exercise has been proven to not only improve the efficiency of your cardiovascular system but also prepares your body for endurance as it helps build a tolerance to the presence of lactic acids. Have a look at our article which details the benefits of interval training more in-depth!   

Practice Breathing Techniques

One of the most effective ways of increasing your stamina and endurance is through improving your lung capacity via breathing exercises. This can be done easily through relaxing methods such as meditating. Without even realising, you are building lung capacity whilst existing in a state of rest. When done properly, meditation will allow you to unwind and focus on your respiratory system. You can start this method of exercise by trying some deep breathing, inhale for 8 beats, breath out and repeat.

Make a Splash With Water Aerobics!

Make a splash by getting involved in some water exercises. Participating in water aerobics is a great way to add resistance to your workout, resulting in you naturally taking shorter and more rapid breaths. Ultimately this will allow your lung capacity to increase by improving the performance of your respiratory system. Why not partake in a little swim whilst holding your breath for an entire lap, or try something a little different and enjoy a run underwater?

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