We know there’s a lot of misunderstanding out there, so we are here to debunk some of the more common food myths and get you feeding on the stuff that matters!

  1. Low calorie and fat-free are always the healthiest option. We’ve all been tempted by low calorie or fat-free versions of our favorite foods, but this is usually at the cost of something else. The truth is that when many manufacturers aim to make ‘healthier’ versions of their products, they often throw out one ingredient (fat) and to make up the taste add something that’s worse (sugar or salt). Next time you go to the grocery store, take a closer look at your low-calorie alternative and compare the sugar and salt with the original product and you’ll be surprised!
  2. Plant-based diets lack protein. The argument that plant-based diets don’t provide enough protein is one of the biggest food myths around, and is mainly down to the naysayers simply not knowing where to look! Along with all the health benefits a diet of greens brings with it, there are also several protein rich sources such as nuts and seeds that are packed with healthy fats and other fantastic nutrition
  3. Carbs will make you fat. Many people are always on the hunt for the latest new diet craze that’s going to lose them tons of of weight and transform their lives. Right now carbs are off the menu, bu the truth is we need them to live! Wholegrains are still one of the best foods for weight loss if incorporated into a balanced diet, and a far better option to the starchy carbs such as pasta and white bread. Studies show that women and men who eat wholegrains have 20 – 30 percent less chance of getting heart disease.
  4. Microwave radiation can find its way into your food. Time to take off the Hazmat suit! It may sound hazardous to human health, but radition is simply the process of energy travelling in waves. Despite this, the danger of microwaving food is now one of the most common food myths around! Sure radition is still present when microwaving food, but it exists at such low levels the only damage it can do is overcooking your food if you leave it on too long!

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