Making the change to a vegan diet is not only rewarding but can open up a whole new healthy lifestyle. At first glance, a vegan diet may seem like it could restrict your food options, but it can actually pave the way for a whole range of new dietary opportunities that you didn’t know were right in front of you.

What is a vegan diet?

Many people adopt a vegan diet and lifestyle for diverse reasons, but what’s important is that it makes you happy and you feel good about yourself for doing so!
A vegan diet is a plant based diet, free from meat, dairy and eggs and has shown to help reduce obesity, heart disease and eliminate toxins in the body. It’s essential to have a balanced diet of vegetables beans, pulses and grains and decide whether to add supplements such as flax seed oil or omega 3.
Also you might be paying close attention to your clothes, shoes and make up purchases, and there are lots of online shops that can cater to your vegan lifestyle.
There are plenty of delicious meat, dairy and egg alternatives on offer for you to enjoy, such as:

  • Avocados – a great source of essential fats and act as an alternative to cheese.
  • Almond, rice and soya milk – excellent dairy substitutes, with soya milk being fortified with vitamin B12.
  • Mushrooms and tofu – perfect for meat replacements.
  • Almond butter – to spread on your toast in the morning!
  • Vinegar – as an egg replacement for baking lovers.

The trick is to replace your non vegan foods with alternatives gradually, and if you slip up a few times along the way that’s perfectly normal! Preparing meals in advance, taking food to work with you and always having tasty snacks on the go is also extremely helpful.

If you are a bit undecided there is the option of vegan pledges and PETA’s JustDo-It 30 day vegan campaigns, allowing you to dip your toe into the vegan lifestyle, a trend made popular by Beyoncé and Jay Z last December.

If your’e worried that your journey to veganism will be a lonely one, fear not! There are plenty of online community groups available where you can receive tips and advice of other fellow vegans. Or you may want to attend a local vegan meet up, an opportunity to meet other vegans and enjoy some vegan food along the way! After practising a few dishes you might also want to dazzle your friends and family with your new culinary skills, or run your own vegan event.


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