Peppers are the perfect addition to a number of recipes bringing an array of vibrant colours and flavours to so many dishes. If that wasn’t enough, they’re also incredibly good for you – find out why below.

A little backstory of Peppers

Peppers all sprout from the same Capsicum Annuum plant despite their differences in colour. They belong in the tomatoes, eggplant and tomato family originally originating from Central and South America – now they are grown in various climates all over the world. The difference in colour reflects in the taste, the fiery colours such as red, yellow and orange are sweet whereas the purple and green batches hold a more bitter flavour.

So why are they so great?

  1. Peppers pack in a great dose of Vitamin C which is incredibly beneficial to your skin and immune system. The red pepper carries heightened amounts of Vitamin C so be sure to focus in on this if that’s what you’re after.
  2. Peppers hold phytochemicals and carotenoids in their crunchy shells, including beta-carotene which contains anti-inflammatory qualities and antioxidants.
  3. They are one of the ultimate weight-control foods being incredibly low in calories but high in nutritional content.
  4. They also help with metabolism which assists weight control. This comes in the form of capsaicin which has further benefits such as maintaining inflammation and deducting ‘bad’ cholesterol.

You can utilise this great ingredient in a number of dishes adding a dash of difference when it comes to presentation and flavour.

  1. Peppers are a rich source of Vitamins B6 and E which helps maintain healthy skin and hair externally and internally regulates cell regeneration and the immune system.You get all these benefits for an incredibly affordable price and are easily sought after in supermarket aisles.

Therefore a bit of history and a whole bunch of reasons to love peppers even more – you can add them to a whole host of meals and even drinks if you feel like it!

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